The R&B Guitar Workbook™

The R&B Guitar Workbook is a physical, hardcover book that contains frameworks designed to help you design your practice routines, stay motivated, and achieve your goals. It'll help you end hit or miss practice sessions and establish focus, confidence, and results.


"I have just started to watch your videos. I am so happy that you teach your awesome R&B skills. Thank you so much!"

B. Koruk

"... I just wanna thank you again for all your great lessons Man... I can't wait to grab a cup of coffee and write these chords down and practice'm. I'm still a 8-9 month beginner but I'm positive your lessons will get me to where & how I want to be one day😁🎸! It ain't easy for me. But I do feel a wonderful joy & some kind of peace trying. Thanks again! & God Bless Yah!"

A. Jones

"Love your lesson because of them I have learned so many new chords an how to make them sound good ...thanks"

W. Blanchette

"I love love love love love me some Kerry 2 Smooth. Thanks for giving more elaborative lessons brother!!!"

G. Greer

"Wow, you are awesome!!! Great playing man, incredible technique and tone. "

B. Champagne

"Super helpful. I'm going to use these techniques at Church next Sunday."

F. Flemons

A Sneak Peek Into the Workbook...


Kerry "2 Smooth" Marshall is a talented and celebrated guitarist, recording artist, instructor, session player, social influencer, producer, artist developer and voting member of the Recording Academy. His unique, innovative and signature sound is one that is sought after by many all over the country. This North Carolina native began learning guitar at an early age and immediately began a quest to make a difference in the world of music.

"No matter who you are, how gifted and experienced you think you are (or you think you are not), YOU have just as much ability as those guitarists you look up to!"


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