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You know chords but you know there are more chords you should be learning.

But you haven't figured out what are the MUST-KNOW chords for R&B, Gospel and Neo-Soul? AND what are those same chords in different keys?

Yes, you want help. AND you want it taught in a simple and effective way. You're tired of learning chords one by one.



The Video Chord Library

The Video Chord Library is an online collection of the must know chords in R&B, Gospel, and Neo-Soul. You get unlimited access to all the videos.  Each chord is demonstrated in all keys.

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"No matter who you are, how gifted and experienced you think you are (or you think you are not), YOU have just as much ability as those guitarists you look up to!" - Kerry "2 Smooth"


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" i just want to personally thank you for making me a better guitar player. your style and tone inspire me and i have incorporated it as best i can into my own playing your depth of music teaching is beyond anything on the web thank you. You are truly giving back.."

C. Connors

"Absolutely amazing work thanks so much!"

K. Thomas

"I've been playing guitar far too long not to sound this nice and I need some of that soulful sweetness! Bruh, I thank you. I listen to you play and get this overwhelming desire to be better at my craft. The lessons are worth far more than what I paid."

P. Banter

"Hey Kerry, Loving the upgrade on the new site...Being able to now keep track of lessons I completed is extremely helpful so thanks so much for that! "

J. Rodriguez

"Hey Kerry... your videos are really helping me and again I wanna say thank you... I'm at beginner level & I wanna know how 2 get the most out of this...thank u again and I am looking 4ward 2 learning all I can from U "

K. Andre

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Regardless of what level you are, using the video chord library will enlarge your playing ability.  Transform an ordinary chord progression into one that sounds like "ear candy". 


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